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December 2019 : The Most of 2019

  • Polls on opinions towards politics
  • Top 5 most interested political news
  • OPM summarized complaints in 2019
  • FFP organized a flash mob
  • CC accepted a petition on FFP loans
  • House of Reps. voted to set up a panel on constitution amending
  • 8 Measures to support elderly society
  • National Reform Plan on progress
  • Supreme Court upheld jail term on Shin Corp shares sale

    Polls on opinions towards politics

          On 27 December, the SUPER POLL revealed its Quantitative Research and Qualitative study collected from 1,220 samples between 20-26 December 2019 from Social Media Voice and Traditional Voice. Some of the opinions are as follow:
    • The most happiness is the March general election, 40.9%, following is the elected government 32.5%, and etc. such as the favorite political party, 26.6%.
    • The most appreciated public policy ( can choose more than one): social security cards, 61.8%, Chim-Shop-Chai measures, 53.4%, Community Energy Plant for Agriculturers and Reduction on Cooking Gas Prices 49.3%, Drugs dispensary from Local Drug Stores, 32.4%, Baht 100 tour Thailand, 30.3%, Marijuana for Medical Treatment, 20.2%, Wild Life and Marine Life Conservation, 20.2%, Chemical Toxics Ban 18.4% and the rest 25.6% went to other policies such as Air Port Runway Extension and Mass Transit Rail Route Extensions.
    • The top 5 popular ministers on solving grass root problems are 1. Energy minister Mr. Sondhirat Sondhijeerawong, 21.8%, 2. Finance minister Mr. Uttama Saowanayond, 21.2%, 3. Natural Resources and Environment minister Mr. Warawut Silpa-acha, 20.1%, 4. Public Health minister Mr. Anutin Charnveerakul, 18.4% and 5. Commerce minister Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, 14.4%
    • The most political agony are; Rising cost of consumer goods, 46.7%, Bad Politicians, 28.9%, Favorite Party Lost the General Election, 23.2%, and others; Demonstration Protests, Selfish Politicians etc. , 1.2%.
    • The most depressed on politics: Fighting for Power and Political Positions among Politicians, 63.3%.

          Previously on 8 December NIDA Poll revealed its study on 6 Months of Prayut Administration, done between 29 November to 3 December, on 1,278 samplings nationwide, age 18 and beyond, on their contentment on Prayut cabinet:
    • 8.92% are very pleased, having confidentiality on honesty, bold decisions etc., 30.13% pleased, 25.95% moderately, 33.72% not pleased and 1.25%, no opinions/ no interest.
    • The top 5 most impressive ministers are: Prayut Chan-ocha as Defense minister, 26.21%, Mr. Auntin Charnveerakul as deputy PM and Public Health minister, 23.40%, deputy PM Mr. Wisanu Kraw-ngam, 18.00%, deputy PM Mr. Somkid Chatusripitak, 17.37% and deputy PM and Commerce minister Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, 16.59%.
    • The most 5 dissatisfied ministers are: deputy PM Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, 57.20%, Gen Prayut Chan-ocha as the Defense minister, 38.65% deputy PM Mr. Wisanu Kraw-ngam, 38.34% deputy PM Mr. Somkid Jatusripitak, and 34.98% Commerce minister Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit.

          On 29 December, NIDA Poll revealed its study done between 18-20 December , on 18 plus age group nationwide, 2,511 Simple Random Samplings randomly collected from NIDAs Master Sample, by phone calling, of 95.0% confidentiality.

          On whom they would support to become a prime minister? The most 31.42% went to FFP leader Mr. Thanathorn Joonruengruangkit due to wanting a new generation and think he is capable of management and development skills, and also personal pleased with his party,. Secondly, 23.74% went to Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha onhis direct opinions, ability to bring peace to the country, therefore, he should continue in the position. Thirdly, 17.32%, no one suitable. Fourthly, 11.95%, Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, pleased with Phue Thai policies, having confident of the party economic administration, and personal appreciation. Fifthly, 3.90%, Pol. Gen. Seripisut Temiyavet, on his direct comments, confident on his capability and personal appreciation.

    The five most interested political news
    1. MP Ms. Pareena Kraikupt farm premise in the national forest area, 62.18%.
    2. The Future Forward Party dissolution in regards to the baht 191 million loans.
    3. The governments solutions to economic problems, 22.44%.
    4. The resignation of 4 opposition MPs, 19.39%.
    5. The constitutional amendment, 15.79%.

    OPM summarized complaints in 2019

          On 28 December, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) reported during the 2019 fiscal year, there were complaints and comments submitted through 5 channels under 1111. They were divided into:
          123,990 complaints were launched through government hotlines, 1111,
          8,626 cases through P.O. Box 1111.
          5,223 cases through website.
          3,081 cases to the 1111 services spots.
          1,418 cases through mobile app. PSC 1111.
          176 cases through P.O. Box 444, and
          1 case directly to NPOC.

          Among them, the most 48,880 were on social and welfares, 7,936 on politics and public administration, 7,601 were economic, 7,331 on state officials, 4,793 legal affairs, 3,659 natural resources and environment, and 119 on Facilitation Act.

          17,563 cases were from Bangkok area, 14,924 from central region, 8,024 northeastern, 6,507 southern, 4,814 northern, 4,296 eastern, and 24,191 from abroad/unidentified.

          Objectives are: Complaints 41,053 cases, Recommendations/ Information 18,056, Accidents/Disasters 13,705, Hints 6,718, Complements 657, Requests for information 75 and Seek for Advise 55.

    FFP organized flash mob

          On 14 December, the Future Forward Party (FFP) held a flash mob When Our parliamentary Voices were Unheard at the skywalk in Pathumwan intersection. People attended held posters expressed their contempt towards the government.

          On 17:00 hr. FFP leader Mr. Thanathorn joined the mob.

          The event was announced previously on Mr. Thanathorns Face Book Live, asking people to join the event. Police officers were deployed to secure security.

          On 14 November, the Constitutional Court disqualified Mr. Thanathorn from MP, retro effective on 23 May 2019, when he was suspended from duty. The court found him guilty of holding media shares, prohibits by the constitution.

    CC to rule on FFP loans case

          On 25 December, the Constitutional Court accepted the petition submitted by the Election Commission (EC) asking the court to dissolve the Future forward Party (FFP) on receiving loans, total baht 191,200,000 from its leader Mr. Thanathorn Joongruengruangkit.
          The court found sufficient evidences to consider the complaint and asked the EC to inform the accused within 15 days. The court will read a verdict on 21 January 2020 at 11:30 hr.

          Article 62 of the political party organic act 2560 allows party benefactors to donate a maximum of baht 10 million per person per year and penalties for violating range from a fine to the political party disbandment.

    House of Reps. voted to set up a panel on constitution amending

          On 18 December, the House of Reps unanimously voted with 445 to 3 abstentions, to set up a panel comprises of 49 members to study means to amend the Constitution B.E. 2560.

    8 Measures to support elderly society

          On 24 December, the cabinet resolved to approve measures to support the elderly society as follow:
    1. Promote skills under the life-long learning concept.
    2. Stimulate working passion through flexible working hours, reflecting needs and conditions of the workforce.
    3. Build motivation and extend benefits to employers hiring elderly employees.
    4. Extend age conditions for retirement benefits for those non-formal workforce to beyond 55 years of age.
    5. Fine measures to promote non-formal workforces to become members of the national saving fund.
    6. Promote local authority and private sector roles in promote social activities in non-formal workforce.
    7. Revise regulations that barring the elderly from being employed and extends retirement age for officials and state enterprise personals.
    8. Build new perspective on the elderly, to realize them as energetic and with potential to become workforce.

          The cabinet also approve on the revision of eligible insurers, from 15-60 years old to 15-65. They includes self-employed, freelancers and non-formal workforce such as street vendors, taxi-motorcyclists, agriculturers and others,

          In 2019, the over 60 years old population is 11.7 million in total which is 17.6% of total population. Average age of the Thai people is 77 and fertility rate is 1.5 persons. This will affect the social security system and social insurance for the elderly in bth public health and caring.

          Senior citizens allowance for 8.38 million people cost baht 66,000 million in 2018. Among the 11.7 million elderly, one third or 4.36 is still working and male workers are two folds of female. 88.2 % are non-formal workforce, making them excluding from the social security scheme.

    National Reform Plan in progress

          On 24 December, the speaker of the PM office stated the cabinet acknowledged progress on national reform as follow:
    1. Legal progress: completion of sub-law on accomplishment evaluation.
    2. Justice progress: One attorney-one police station .
    3. Economic progress: To persuade non-formal workforce, including agriculturers, to insure with the social security scheme.
    4. Energy progress: Energy saving factory by the Energy Ministry.
    5. Anti-corruption progress: Ethical evaluation and transparency in public offices.

    Supreme Court upheld jail terms on Shin Corps shares sale

          On 26 December, the Supreme Court upheld the lower courts ruling but reduced the jail term of five defendants to two years unsuspended, instead of the three years given by the Appeal Court, to Mrs. Benja Louichareon, a former deputy finance minister, and four other persons for abusing their authority to help Panthongtae and Pinthongta Shinawatra, the children of former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, evade income taxes on their sale of Shin Corp shares in 2006 valued at approximately baht 7.9 billion each.

          On December 2015, they were sued for violation of Section 157 of Criminal Code: Abusing their authority in evasion or underpayment of taxes. In 2006 Panthon gtae and Pinthongta Shinawatra each bought 164,600,000 shares of Shin Corp Corporation at the par price of baht 1 per share and sold them at market price of baht 49.25 per share. According to Section 39 of Revenue Code, the sellers must pay tax on the difference in share prices, which is this case stacks up to almost baht 8 billion.

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