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October 2015 : Road Map to Complete in Timeframe

  • Road Map to complete within timeframe.
  • Meechai Ruchupan chairs the Constitution Drafting Committee.
  • Tinaphan Nakata chairs NRSC
  • Last two Human Rights Commissioners named
  • NACC: Corruption cost a loss of more than 500 billion baht in 3 years
  • 5 people nominated to be voted for the new NACC members
  • 3 real estate incentive measures to boost the economy.
  • NLA voted Nakarin Mektrairat to the Constitution Court judge.
  • New human trafficking regulation effective to prosecute state officials.
  • 5.09 Billion Baht allocates to reinforce SMEs competency.
  • Thai household has marginal income but 160,000 Baht debt.
  • Tax benefits for National Saving Fund members
  • Mujigae typhoon lashes Thailand
  • Southern Thailand suffered from Sumatra bushfire

    Prayuth: Road Map complete within timeframe

    On 28th October, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha commented, in the meeting held among members of the five national reform agencies, on the incident took place in September when the draft constitution, chaired by Dr. Bowornsak Uwanno, was rejected by the National Reform Council that it was not the National Council for Peach and Orders wish to extend its term. The rejection came from an inadequacy of understanding on the principles and mechanisms of the new constitutional and not from the drafters side. He reiterated the NCPO Road Map, currently proceeding into its second phase, must be finished within the set time frame. He urged all concern to follow the Road Map and finish all tasks within the next one and a half year ahead.

    The five agencies, so-called Five Rivers, are the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the Cabinet, the National Legislation Assembly (NLA), the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA), and the Constitution Drafting Commission ( CDC).
    Meechai Ruchupan chairs CDC

    On 5th October, the NCPO appointed 21 members of the National Reform Commission (NRC) chairs by Mr. Meechai Ruchupan.

    NRC on 6th October selected Mr. Supoj Kaimook and Mr. Apichart Sukhagganond to become its first and second vice chairman.

    The commission has 180 days to finish the first draft by January and the last on by early April 2016. The draft will be submitted to the cabinet for notification to the Election Commission who will set the time for the referendum.
    Tinaphan Nakata chairs NRSC

    On 13th October, the 200 members of the National Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) voted Capt. Tinaphan Nakata, Mr. Alongkorn Polbutr and Ms. Walairat Sriarun, to become its president, first and second vice president respectively.

    The new appointed NRSA comprises of members of the former National Reform Council (NRC) , military and civil officials, and some few from political parties. Their main function is to study, analyze and propose recommendations on national reform to the National Legislative Assembly, the Cabinet, NCPO and relating agencies. However, they are not endowed with the authority to approve the draft constitution like the dissolved NRC since the draft charter will be directly forwarded to the public referendum.
    NLA voted Tuanchai-Chartchai for HRC

    On 16th October, the National Legislation Assembly confidentially voted Mrs. Tuanchai Deeted and Mr. Chartchai Suthiklom with 147-6 and 141-9 respectively, and4 and 7 abstentions, to be the last two members of the Human Rights Commission.

    Tuanchai was an elected senator and former secretarial of the civic association for hill tribes development and Chartchai was member of the Narcotics Control Board.

    Corruption cost a loss 5 billion baht in 3 years

    On 15th October, the National Anti-Corruption Commission disclosed its accomplishment in the last 9 years, 2007-2015, that from a total of 37,578 cases submitted, 26,530 were completely solved. They were divided into: 50% related to local politicians, 25% higher state officials and 25% lower officials and independent agencies. Since the law enforces local politicians to submit their asset inventory, more than half of the cases were related to this.

    Regarding to corruption, between 2013 to 2015, NACC had investigated into 193 cases and found a total loss of more than 5 billion baht, most of them was caused by the rice pledge program. Unfortunately, the result was not final since the program is partly investigated.
    5 nominees selected for new NACC voting

    On 19th October, the Selection Committee for the National Anti-Corruption Commission selected 5 nominees to be voted, by the NLA, for the new National Anti-Corruption Commission. They are: 1. Mr. Wittaya Akompitak, former state audit commissioner, 2. Ms. Suwanna Suwanchuta, former Justice Ministry secretary-general. 3. Pol. Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnratchakij, former deputy commissioner, 4. Mr. Surasak Kirivichian, former judge and Gen. Boonyawat Krauhong chairperson to the Monitoring and Assessing Committee of the Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

    All five will be scrutinized and approved by the appointed committee before submit for voting by the National Legislation Assembly. If any of them disapproves, the selection process has to be newly starts.

    Real estate incentive measures to boost the economy

    On 13th October, the cabinet resolved on three real estate incentives to boost the economy. They are; loans providing by the Government Housing Bank, Venture Capital tax exemption, and tax reduction for businesses.

    Purchasing of house under 3 million baht, before 31 December 2015, is liable to use 20% of total cost for tax deduction for 5 succeeding years. The transferring fee and mortgage fee, of every house purchase from 31 December 2015 to 19 April 2016 will be reduced, from 2% and 1%, to 0.01%.

    Venture Capital investment will be exempted from business and dividend taxes for 10 years.
    All firms will have 20% reduction from net profit tax.

    It is estimated that these incentives will cost a loss of 15 billion baht in state revenue but there would be other income to cover the loss.
    Thammasart vice Rector voted for new Constitution Court judge

    On 9th October, the National Legislation Assembly voted 158 to 6 and 4 abstained for Thamasart University vice Rector Nakarin Mektrairat to become the Constitution Court judge. He will replace Mr. Chalermpol Aek-uru whose term ended on retirement.

    Strong punishment for official human trafficking offence

    On 13th October, the cabinet approved a ministerial regulation on officials involvement in human trafficking which has 3 principles;
    1. State officials are totally ban from any commitment regarding to human trafficking.
    2. A committee will be appointed to oversee this problem.
    3. Human trafficking actions imply to the supporting, helping and providing assets and aids.

    5.09 billion baht to reinforce SMEs competency

    On 27th October, the cabinet resolved to allocate a total budget of 5.097 billion baht to foster the SMEs competency. It is estimated that 97,503 entrepreneurs will get aids so they will be able to receive loans from financial institutions within December 2015.

    Thai household debt reached 160,000 baht/unit

    The national Statistics Bureau unveiled a study, done in the first six months of 2015, on 26,000 households countrywide, that 49.2% of them have an average debt of 163,276 baht. Most of it came from the spending on consumer goods, land and housing mortgage, education and investment. Regardless to this amount of debt, the average household has a monthly revenue of only 27,545 baht only.

    From 2006 to 2015, average household income exceeded expenditure. As monthly income rose from 17,787 baht to 27,545 baht, expenditure rose from 14,311 baht to 21,818 baht. A surplus in 2015, 5,717 baht per household or 1,975 per person was spent on debt payback and saving.
    Tax benefits for NSF members

    On 7th October, the cabinet approved measures to promote the National Saving Fund ( NSF) by allowing low income taxpayers to deduct their payment from total taxable income. Moreover, dividend gains receive from NSF, when the members died or memberships terminate will be exempted from income tax.

    Mujigae Typhoon lashed Thailand

    On 5th October, Mujigae Typhoon hit the northeast and eastern parts of Thailand. Waterways and highways in 32 provinces were flooded after heavy rainfall. The Typhoon finally reached Bangkok and caused many roads to be submerged. The highest water level was on Ratchadapisek road in front of the Criminal Court. However, the municipality was able to clear the flood in 3 hours.
    Southern region suffered from Sumatra bushfire

    In October the smoke from bushfires in Sumatra Indonesia accelerated until more than 300 people were daily admitted for medical aids. Several airfields in the south were temporary closed due to poor visibility. The authority tried to lessen the problem by making artificial rains.

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