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November 2015 : Cabinet approved a Baht 911 million to alleviate Drought

  • Cabinet approved 911 million baht to alleviate drought.
  • New law enforced to provide better care to pregnant inmates.
  • EC filed 679 election fault cases of more than 100 million baht liabilities.
  • Former auditor general got jail term over faked documents in 2003.
  • Cabinet approved Klong Dan compensation payment in 3 allotments.
  • 2 former Red Shirt guards sentenced to life-imprisonment over M79 firing into demonstrators in March 2014.
  • CDC affirmed constitution drafting would complete within 180 days timeframe
  • The Attorney-General charges 2 Ratchaprasong bombers over 10 severe accusations.
  • Economic alleviation measures extends
  • Kuala Lumpur Declaration 2025 people-oriented
  • Personal income tax reduction extended for another one year.
  • Cabinet resolved to revoke some industrial ban in town planning regulations.

    911 million baht to alleviate drought

    On 24th November, the cabinet approved an allocation of 911 million baht budget to aid farmers affected by drought. The money will be used to promote dry crops, livestock, fishery and soil rehabilitation. Repayment of agricultural household debts, totaled 216 million baht, was also extended. It was anticipating that 385,000 households will benefit from this measure.

    Better care to pregnant and breast-feeding inmates

    On 19th November, the National Legislation Assembly passed the criminal law on female inmates with principles that those who are pregnant and breast-feeding must be provided with proper and sufficient meal. Specific space for breast-feeding must also be provided at certain times. The additional expenses on these facilities will be borne by the government.

    Election fault compensation more than 100 million baht

    On 18th November, the Election Commission disclosed more than 679 suits of election offence have been filed to courts from 2000 to 2015. Offenders are both local and national politicians. A total of more than 100 million baht compensation was being demanded and some cases had been settled with payment.

    Former auditor general jail term over malfeasance

    On 30th November, the Criminal Court ruled former state audit-general Kunying Jaruwan Methaka and former director of the Administration and Human Resources Department Mr. Kampee Somjai guilty of malfeasance on their violation to Article 157 and 83 of the Criminal Code Act. Both were sentenced them to a 2-year imprisonment and were bailed on a 200,000 baht each.

    On 31 October 2003 when they were in office, Kunying Jaruwan endorsed 294,440 baht expense for an official seminar in Nan province but the trip was actually to present the royal robes to the monks at the Buddhist Lent ended.

    Klong Dan compensation divided in 3 installments

    On 17th November, the cabinet resolved to use 4,983,342,383 baht and 31,035,780 USD from the central budget for compensation payment to the private group of companies. The payment will be divided in 3 installations starting from 21 November 2015 to 21 November 2016.

    The payment is in accordance to the Administrative Court ruling that the Pollution Control Department must comply with the Arbitrators decision on this matter.

    M79 arm men get life-imprisonment

    On 6th November, the Criminal Court ruled two former Red Shirts guard Mr. Narong Plai-aram and Mr. Pirapong Sinthusonthichart committed crime when they fired M79 grenade into a group of protestors gathering in front of the Shinawatra 3 building on 7 March 2014. They were sentenced to a life-imprisonment but were reduced to one third, 43 years 4 months, upon confessed. Fortunately, no one was hurt due to the grenade hit the post and fell on the flower beds.

    Constitution drafting to complete within timeframe

    On 24th November, the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) affirmed the draft charter will be completed within the 180 days time frame. There will be 9 steps as follow:
    1. The consideration, analysis and classification of public opinions, to be finished on 8 January 2016.
    2. The draft charter review, January 11-17.
    3. The revision, conclusion and preparation for publication, January 18-26.
    4. Publicity, starts on January 29.
    5. By 15 February, end of all comments from the NCPO, the cabinet, the NLA, the NRSC and the general public.
    6. 16 February to 20 March, revision in accordance with recommendations.
    7. Final check, 21-28 March.
    8. Draft charter finalizes on 29 March.
    9. Submission to the government for public referendum, 30 March.

    The CDC was confident the draft charter would be completed and submit to the Election Commission for nationwide referendum in July 2016.

    2 Ratchaprasong bombers charged

    On 24th November, the military prosecutor filed complaints on 2 foreigner suspects, Adem Kadadag and Mieraili Yusufu, over their bombardment crime in Ratchprasong intersection and Sathorn pier on 17 and 18 August. They are charged with 10 severe offenses.

    Economic alleviation measures extends

    The cabinet resolved to extend measures on economic alleviation for another 6 months, from 1 November 2016 to 30 April 2016. They are:
    1. A daily free bus ride in Bangkok Metropolitan area on 73 routes.
    2. A daily free train ride, third class, 164 social trains and 8 commercial trains.

    The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority and the State Railway of Thailand will get a total compensation of 2,103 million baht from the state.

    KL Declaration 2020 people-oriented

    On 22nd November, in Kuala Lumpur, the ASEAN leaders endorsed the establishment of ASEAN Community in 2015 and signed a Kuala Lumpur Declaration on the ASEAN 2025 with principles to more cooperation in the next ten years to realize a politically cohesive, economically integrated, socially responsible, and a truly people-oriented, people-centered and rules-based ASEAN in which all sectors of society are encouraged to participate in, and benefit from, the process of ASEAN integration.

    Personal income tax reduction extended for another one year

    The cabinet resolved to extend the use of personal income tax rates, revised on 2013, for another year, until 2016 ends.

    Town planning regulations revoked

    On 11th November, the cabinet resolved to revise the town planning regulations resulting in a revocation of some industrial uses formerly prohibited in the land use plans. The revision was in accordance to the Industry Ministry proposal that the regulations should be flexible and align with economic development strategic plan.

    Citing Map Ta Pud industrial area, its master plan allocated 20,000 rai for industry while the latest study revealed 35,000 rai is actually needed. The limitation of land restricted industrial expansion particularly petrochemical and energy development.

    The cabinet reiterated master plan should support with the national development policy regarding the establishment of special economic zones; designated in some border provinces and industrial clusters. The Interior Ministry should study the Department of Industrial Works report on industrial zoning in 34 provinces as guidance for the revision of land use planning and regulations.

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