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Key Technologies Challenging Thailand

Author : Dr.Chai-Anan Samudavanija, Dr.Tirapat Wilaithong and Teams
Price : 150 Baht
Publisher : Institute of Public Policy Studies
Distribute : Chulalongkorn University Book Center

In 1995, a group of leading Thai scientists of multidisciplinary field and a political-scientist carried out a research for the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). The work, submitted under the title Keys Technologies for the 21st Century Thai Society, was presented at the APEC Symposium on High and New Technology and Economy in the 21st Century in Beijing in June 1996. The research objective is to identify the direction of Thailands science and technology development trends together with their relation to socio-economic-culture priorities and obstacles. The outcome of the work is a large-scale technology forecast, the first of its kind in Thailand, deemed to be of high level importance for economic and social development of the country from a long period of viewpoint based on the current status of science and technology in the country.

Almost a decade after the research was completed and though the integrated research type program is more recognized among Thai scholars, Thai society is still being challenged by those predicted science based technologies. Therefore, anybody seeking the resolutions to the key technologies challenging Thailand, whether he is an international or a national businessman, CEO governor, CEO ambassador, NGO administrative officer, media, politician or cabinet member, might find some answers in this book.

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