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Election Guide Book

Title : Election Guide Book
Author : Chaowana Traimas
Price : 50 Baht
Publisher : Institute of Public Policy Studies
Distribute : Chulalongkorn University Book Center

The New Election System is a fundamental part of the political reform in the Constitution of Thailand, B.E. 2540 (1997) in many aspects such as : [1] The election is a duty for every person. [2] The senate shall be elected by the people. [3] Any voter who is residing outside the constituency or the country in the election day also has the right to cast a ballot. [4] The Election Commission has a freedom and omnipotence to conduct and control an election of members of the House of Representatives, senators, members of a local assembly and local administrators including the voting in a referendum. [5] A voter has a right to one vote in his or her constituency and another one vote for a political party. [6] The person who fails to vote without notifying shall lose his or her right to vote as provided by law.

To meet expectation, the new election system emphasizes many significant functions as follow : [1] An election should be proceeded in an honest and fair manner. [2] The abuse exchange between voter and candidate shall be diminution as well as dishonest performance of political influence group. [3] Every person has an equal right to vote no matter where he or she is residing in or outside the constituency or the Kingdom on the election day. [4] The moral and competitive candidate shall has more opportunity to success in general election.

Finally, the impact of the new election is expected to effect the process of political reform on many aspects, such as : [1] People shall has simultaneous judgment to vote both for the legislative and executive section. [2] The general suffrage shall promote significant political will of the people. [3] The result of the general election shall reflect genuine political influence of the people. [4] The general election shall has an impact on political changes ; candidate leadership and institutionalization of political party.

However, if we hope to achieve both expectation and impact of the new election system, we should have two basic conditions; [1] The Election Commission should be able to control and hold an election in an honest and fair manner, and [2] People should be able to exercise their right to vote with general freedom and general freewill.

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